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Contemporary American and Southern fiction

The flagship of the 
Legacy of Fortitude series

A 20th Century Historical

A story of tender and tenacious love and fierce family loyalty 

Corporate intrigue transferred from glass towers to a 
small-town, oak-shaded office park

Follows the chaotic and kaleidoscopic Baby Boomer generation

Recounts life in the backwash of the Counter Culture

The flip side of #metoo


Coming of age in the 
dawn of misandry

Three best friends

An implacable rival

Accusations that
rock a small
Southern town

A summer internship 
turns dangerous

It isn't always Big Brother
who's watching 

Sometimes, it's Little Sister

Straight out of the

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Life and Love in Dixie

Romantic Suspense to touch your heart 
and tingle your spine

Can love transcend deceit and distrust -- 
and survive a Category 5 Hurricane?

Chris Dupree never believed in cryptids -- 
until they endangered the woman he loved


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